Hasn't Tony gone?

Yes. He was voted out and isn't coming back.

At the same time, sadly no. Whilst the original Tony has departed Parliament (with our help), there are plenty of other people just like him in the current crop of serving members representing the Liberal Party in Parliament. We don't see career politicians crossing the floor to support good legislation. We see them sitting in their seats, voting as the party directs them to, which in many instances isn't a reflection of the way their community would like them to vote. They are truly undermining democracy in this country.

In the coming weeks or months the Liberal Party will announce their candidate for Warrigah for the next election. Will they put forward another Tony? Possibly even worse another Dave, Trent or Jason who says one thing outside the parliament but votes the opposite way in the house. The old bait and switch approach.

One of our other goals is to help change the face of Australian politics for the better, and do everything we can to help get 8-10 community independent representatives voted in at the next Federal election.

Having a minority Government means that every Bill will have fair and balanced dialogue, and that all Members of Parliament will be given equal standing when it comes to voting. If we can get all Parliamentarians to work together, we will see a positive wave of change instead of the adversarial style of politics we see today.

  • Support or Volunteer for Zali

    Since May 2019, we have seen Zali truly represent Warringah like it hadn't been represented for over 25 years. She has been a steward for the environment, the community, integrity in Government, and many more important issues.
    The Liberal Party has continually attacked her (and us) to undermine her place in Parliament.

    Find out how and why you can support Zali here.

  • Rebuild the Movement

    Vote Tony Out was a wonderful movement, full of people from the community who said 'enough is enough' and stood up for a better Warringah. We have assembled an action list of the ways you can help rebuild the movement, not just in Warringah, but around Australia here.

  • Live outside Warringah? Find your Tony

    Modern day Tonys are everywhere, undermining democracy in Australia. We have built a list of other electorates who have their own Tony, but also have community action groups dedicated to having a community independent candidate elected at the next Federal election. Find out more here.

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