Thank you Senator Andrew Bragg

After the last federal election, Vote Tony Out closed down. We had done our job. Zali Steggall was elected and we felt that our community had a voice in Parliament. A new dawn had come. 

However since the 46th Parliament was formed, we have seen a continual undermining of our elected representative. As a member of the Liberal Party, Andrew Bragg has used much of his time to discredit Zali. He is the personification of everything that is wrong with Australian politics right now. It is why we are doing this, and why we won't rest until the next Parliament is one that has a record number of Community Independent MPs in a minority Government that will reset democracy in this country.

You have the ability to help with that next time you visit the ballot box.

In the meantime, here is Andrew's Parliamentary page and contact details. Feel free to send him a note about how you feel he has let the country and his role as a Senator down. 

Here is some of the truly troubling stuff that Andrew has done since the community of Warringah elected Zali.

The Senator has set up this website - I seriously hope he has not used taxpayer funds to do this. 

Sky News and Andrew Bragg love to team up on Zali. Here's an example.

Andrew has also been linked to some very sneaky stuff - SMH article from August 2021.

Here Andrew attacks the grassroots movement popping up around the country - Northern Beaches Advocate story.

In this interview Andrew tries to discredit Zali's position in Parliament - Weekly Times article.


The question we ask here is, should a taxpayer-funded Senator, on behalf of the Liberal Party, spend his time (that we pay for) trying to undermine and discredit an elected representative? Isn't he working towards deconstructing democracy by doing this? Here is yet another story of him trying to undermine accountability.

There are dozens more articles but you get the message. The Liberal Party and Andrew Bragg have spent a lot of time, money and effort to try and convince people that Zali is bad for Warringah. We think just the opposite, and it shows just how little they know about this electorate.

Being in Government should not just be about trying to stay in Government, which seems to be the No. 1 priority of the incumbents. Good policy for the betterment of all Australians, our country and our position as part of the world, seems to come way down the list.