Build the Movement

Back in 2018-19, Vote Tony Out was a fantastic community campaign. Together, in many ways, we changed the face of politics in Australia. We were able to show what happens when you put the UNITY back in commUNITY.

Our efforts allowed Zali Steggall to feel confident that the community would embrace and endorse her representing them in Federal Parliament.

Since that day in May 2019, it seems the Liberal-National coalition has waged war on democracy in Australia. They display an attitude that would imply they have a 20-seat majority in the Lower House, not just the one seat they do have.

Brazen corruption (sports rorts, carpark rorts, Watergate 2.0, Blind Trust bullshit, blatant pork-barrelling etc etc etc) is now a common day occurrence: ignoring science and picking-and-choosing what they want to believe, hiding behind the smoke screen of 'jobs' to protect donors interests, ignoring recommendation after recommendation from endless Royal Commissions and Enquiries. It has all added up to us wishing to see a volcanic sized reset in Australia politics.

That's where you come in. It's time to put your voice (and vote) behind positive change. Find and support your local community independent. If you are in Warringah, you know that this is Zali Steggall. See this page for specific details on how you can help Zali's re-election campaign. If you are outside Warringah, we have built a list of movements and candidates we endorse. You will find that here.

Things you can do right now:

1. Follow our Instagram page, like and share our posts.

2. Join our closed Facebook Group. The FB group is a virtual Club House where we review articles, ideas and other information in a friendly conversational style.

3. Get involved in the conversation on our Twitter page. 

3. Subscribe to the Keep Tony Out newsletter and share it with your friends and family. See link in the footer of the website.

4. Share this website with your friends, family and colleagues.

5. Read up. Get outside the mainstream media. Subscribe and support The Saturday Paper, Michael West Media and The Guardian for a more independent voice on news and politics.

6. Start conversations with your friends, family and colleagues. Don't preach - instead ask questions and actively listen to their responses. Dig deeper into why they think the way they do. Help open people's minds as to what the actual reality of things are, and the ideas they have of what might, or might not, be actually happening.

7. Have empathy for everyone you speak to. This is really important. People tend to live their lives in a manner that is, what they think at the time, best for them and their loved ones. They are not going to change course because of a shouting match. It will be because their opinion has changed on what is best for them. Building your empathy muscle is one of the greatest things you can do.