We have singled Mackellar out as it is Warringah's sister electorate to the north. It completes the Northern Beaches and has been a safe Liberal seat for around 60, yes 60, years.

The Vote Tony Out campaign was heavily supported by people from Mackellar. When Zali stood and won in Warringah, many people in Mackellar were joyed for us. As time has gone on, they became jealous as they can see Zali truly representing her electorate and her conciliatory approach to being our MP, as opposed to the current member for Mackellar who has taken on Tony Abbott's view that once elected, the constituents of the electorate have somehow abdicated their opinion to him. Instead of an elected representative, it is more like an elected Emperor. That's not democracy. 

In December 2020 local GP Dr Sophie Scamps announced that she has been approached and convinced that she should run as the community backed Independent candidate for Mackellar. Sophie has lived on the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. She has been a valued member of the community through a number of initiatives and brings with her a level of understanding of and empathy for the everyone in the community. Sophie will make a fantastic representative for the people of Mackellar at the Federal level. 

Prior to Dr Sophie stepping up. The good people of Mackellar have decided that enough is enough. Mackellar Rising has been formed, a community-led campaign building a movement that has endorsed and prompted Sophie to run. A person who will come to truly represent their electorate, and a representative who will be accountable to the constituents.

The current member, Jason Falinski, represents the Liberal Party more than his constituents. Here's how he votes, which in many cases is diametrically opposed to the views and values of many in Mackellar. Jason was the president of the Young Liberals and he isn't going to go against the party line, no matter what he might say whilst in the electorate. It's clear that Jason wants a career in the Liberal Party and I am sure he would like to be a Minister one day. We don't think that would be a good thing.

Check out Mackellar Rising's Instagram feed by clicking on the image below. It shows that Mackellar is full of great people who want to make a positive change for their electorate, so if you live in Mackellar, please go to their website and learn more. If you don't live in Mackellar but know people who do, reach out and introduce them to a better choice on the Federal stage for their electorate.