Here are some articles, podcasts and television segments giving background and information about our movement. 


This is a great podcast conversation between Julia Zemiro, Mark Kelly and Sally Rugg. Julia explores why people decide to stand up to try to make a difference, and the various ways they go about it.

Conversational podcast by Peter Clark and Margo Kingston with Sophie Scamps and Mark Kelly about community political movements and why they are on the rise.

This cover story was published in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine in March 2019, two months prior to the last election. It gives a great insight into what was going on at the time and how all the grassroots campaigns in Warringah joined forces to change the way politics was done.

Four Corners spent weeks and weeks in Warringah in the lead up to the last Federal election. This episode looks behind-the-scenes of how the campaign played out.

This was a very early story written by Anne Davies about the community movements in Warringah. It is really interesting to go back and reread this now, and it reinforces what can happen when collaboration and cohesion happens at a grassroots level.