Other Electorates

We will work our way around Australia with a list of community campaigns and independent candidates. If you don't know what electorate you live in, you can find out here.

This list will evolve over time, so if your electorate isn't yet listed, please visit again soon. We will be releasing How to Vote cards for all electorates listed below prior to the election.


NORTH SYDNEY - The North Sydney Independent movement endorsed Kylea Tink's candidacy in Sept 21. Kylea is taking on Trent Zimmerman - a very nice guy, we all agree on that - but Trent doesn't vote in parliament the way he speaks inside his electorate. It's a classic bait-and-switch approach. Trent is a career politician who isn't going to rock the party boat.

HUGHES - This electorate is a disaster. Home to the infamous Craig Kelly, he was Scott Morrison's captains call who bypassed the 2019 preselection process. Craig, who votes like this, has since left the Liberal Party and is currently giving them the middle finger by teaming up with Clive Palmer. Hughes Deserves Better is the community movement to join in this electorate. Georgia Steel has announced her candidacy backed by Hughes Deserves Better.

HUME - In this electorate the incumbent is Angus Taylor and he votes likes this. There is so much smoke (controversy) around this guy he is likely to go up in flames at any moment. In Hume Penny Ackery has been endorsed by the two community groups Voices of Hume and Vote Angus Out. Penny aims to truly represent the people of Hume and not vested interests that come along with Party Politics.

WENTWORTHAllegra Spender has been endorsed by the local community groups. Allegra brings with here the perfect mix of real life experience that seems to be missing from many of the career politicians we are seeing in these so called blue ribbon Liberal Seat. 

BRADFIELDNicolette Boele has been endorsed by the local community group Voices of Bradfield. Nicolette brings a wealth of passion and knowledge with her. With over 25 years of real-world experience in capital markets, clean energy and climate change policy Nicolette is up the challenge ahead.

COWPER - The electorate of Cowper has seen independent representatives before. This elections Carolyn Heise has been backed by her local community to represent them. Another regional NSW electorate looking to make a solid change at the federal level. 

PAGE - This northern NSW regional electorate has been in the news a lot recently. Devastating floods and the questionable response by the government has given Hanabeth Luke a real platform to help build her campaign on.  

RIVERINA - This is a very larger regional electorate in NSW. Pennie Scott is looking to break the National Party strong hold on this seat. We know if can be done as we have seen it in Indi.

CALARE - This is a massive electorate from the Blue Mountains to the West of NSW. Here Kate Hook has been encouraged by her local community to stand and represent them. 

ROBERTSON - Vania Holt is standing as an Independent here. Website details to come.


INDI - Indi has been represented by an Independent Member for the past three parliamentary cycles. Helen Haines is fast becoming a national treasure and she represents her regional electorate well. Helen won on preferences in 2019 and we would love to see her increase her majority this time round. Here's how Helen votes.  As an Independent, every vote is a conscious vote.

NICHOLS - Is the neighbouring electorate to Indi. Rob Priestly is running as an Independent in this seat. He has come out early to try and break the strong hold help by the The Nationals who got only 51% of the vote last time. This seat is ripe for the taking.

GOLDSTEIN - Former ABC Journalist, Zoe Daniels has been convinced to run in this seat. This seat is ripe for the taking and Zoe has a fantastic community behind her. Zoe's campaign is going well with great name recognition through a tireless campaign by all involved.

KOOYONGDr Monique Ryan has stepped forward and been endorsed by the community in Kooyong. Monique's task is to knock off the current Treasurer. The community in this electorate has put together a fantastic campaign that is showing the community what a real community orientated representative looks and sounds like. Which is very different to a career focused party politican. 

FLINDERS - This electorate is open. Greg Hunt the current Health Minister is retiring ( probably before losing his seat anyways ). Despi O'Connor has been build a community backed campaign for this seat.

JAGAJAGAZahra Mustaf has launched a campaign in this outer city seat of Melbourne. The seat is currently held by the Labor Party which makes it a very interesting campaign.

WANNON - Across Australia there are many women being backed by their communities to run. In this electorate Alex Dyson has been started his campaign backed by his local community. 

MONASH - In Gippsland Deb Leonard has been endorsed by her local community. This electorate is going through an interesting period as their coal fired power plants close down and the shift to renewables helps to reestablish much of the workforce.

CASEY - Claire Ferres Miles has been a tireless advocate for sustainability in Victoria. She has been backed by her local community to take on the challenge of winning this seat. It is being vacated by the Tony Smith who was the Speaker of the House for a number of year.

MALLEE - This regional Victoria community is gathering around Sophie Baldwin. Sophie aims to take the seat from the Nationals and truly give the constituents a local community voice at the Federal level.  


GROOM - Suzie Holt has been on the campaign trail for months now. She has been backed by her local community who want to see the end of career minded party politicians. ( don't we all! ).


BOOTHBY - In this inner city seat in Adelaide Jo Dyer has stepped forward to represent the community that have endorsed her. There is a lot of depth to this campaign in looking to bring the community local voice to Federal Politics.


CURTIN - This Perth Inner City seat Kate Chaney has been endorsed by her community to represent them. This campaign has been going for months and their movement is on fire.