Zali Steggall was elected to represent Warringah at the 2019 Federal election. Since then she has been a champion for our community, and has exceeded many people's expectations of the role of a Federal MP.

Zali's official campaign website is here

Zali's voting record is here. As an Independent, every vote Zali places is a conscious vote. She is not controlled by a party mandate.

At the next Federal Election, our goal is to help Zali win re-election. When we say win, we mean WIN. That looks like this: We win the primary vote. We win the primary vote convincingly. And we win the primary vote so convincingly that Warringah is the first seat called, at around 30 minutes after the polling booths close.

To help make this happen we need you to do these things:

  1. Learn what Zali has done since she has been in office. The tip of the iceberg is here. Other great ways to find out more is to attend community meetings, online meetings, and other special events that Zali puts on. Sign up to her newsletter to stay in touch.
  2. Speak to your family, friends and colleagues who live in Warringah about what Zali has done and how federal party politics is broken. A great way to help reset politics in Australia is to get more Independents elected at the next election.
  3. Speak to your friends who may have voted Liberal, Labor or Greens at the last election. For us to win the primary vote we will need them to change their vote to Zali. The ALP and Greens will not have a chance of winning so that shouldn't be too hard. For people still looking at voting Liberal, ask them if they endorse the brazen corruption, the misogyny, the lack of integrity and accountability, the increasing religious influence, and the complete lack of congruency that is plaguing the Liberal Party at the moment. The best way to fix this is to vote against them and help the Liberal Party reset itself.
  4. Be proud of being an active part of positive change in the community that normalises talking about politics. Practice active listening as opposed to standing on a soap box preaching to the world. The power of peer-to-peer communication is as much about what you don't say as what you do.

Every person in Australia has the power to make a difference to how our society operates. Find and harness your power. We have a responsibility to the future of Australia as a society, nation, and part of the world to find and be our best selves on the political spectrum.